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Guide lines
Two articles from scholarly journals were identified related to a topic within the field.
Each article was briefly summarized, indicating the key points. Please properly cite using APA.
Identify a common theme within the articles. Examine the theme and explore where conflict is or has been occurring or where it could occur.
Identify the common theme and indicate how it appears in each article. If conflicts have occurred, indicate and explain why, how, when and any outcomes. If it has not occurred per the article, how could it occur, why, and how?
Using our course materials, identify and explore how communication skills may be used to foster a constructive outcome. Provide examples.
Identify and explore how the communication skills in our materials could be used to address the actual or potential conflict. Provide at least three specific communication skills and at least one detailed example of how each skill could be used.
Grammar mechanics and citations:
Will result in poiUsed proper grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation. Proper APA formatting was used and. the paper was easy to understand.

Article SummaryNon-revenue sports are facing many challenges in advertising their programs; therefore, the need to self- market their program is becoming more important to grow their supporters. Social media is one of the tool form of communication to reach spectators that do not require any financial funds. As I think that This study was performing a content analysis of 25 Division they track and field teams with the most Twitter followers to determine primary categories of content and correlation between number of the followers and account practices. The results of this study was confirming that social media is one of the ideal way to help non-revenue teams with limited financial resources improve their marketing and branding efforts
“Non-revenue sports have historically faced numerous challenges in marketing and branding their programs in all levels of collegiate athletics. With this being the case, the need to self-market their program is becoming more and more essential in order to grow their fan base and reach recruits. With the importance of positioning their product, programs need to keep their eye on potential mediums that allow them to market in a cost efficient manner. Social media is an ideal form of communication to reach a large audience as well as specific targeted audiences that do not require any financial resources”.
The purpose of the study was performing a content analysis of top Division I track and field teams (N=25) on Twitter to determine the primary practices that may improve marketing and communication with followers. The teams used in this study are not necessarily the top- 25 programs athletically, so understanding the success of teams in their social media presence the increased connection with their schools, athletic departments love the fact that social an base” (para. 12, 2011). Tomko further noted that even with the increased use of social hile many fans appreciatemedia is an inexpensive approach to marketing and a great way to gather information on its media to date, some marketing experts say, “Athletic departments have only just begun to scratch the surface with a marketing platform that won’t be going away anytime soon” (para.29, 2011).as opposed to solely their athletic success will provide the opportunity to apply the results of this study to more teams, particularly those programs which are not as successful athletically.The research questions that guided this study were:(1) What forms of content videos, pictures, news stories are the most commonly being used by the top 25 teams, defined by their number of Twitter followers, in their marketing efforts via Twitter?(2) What is the correlation between athletic success (top-25 NCAA finish) of the program and their number of followers?(3) What is the correlation between the number of followers of a team and the following factors: a) Number of photos posted. b) number of videos posted .c) number of giveaways offered. d) number of teams they follow.” Abbey Doran, Coyte G. Cooper, and Jason Mihalik .
Social media indicates to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities andnetworks. The sports industry is one of the most engaged consumer segments in all of social media. For example according to the US department of education ADU’s examined over 290 NCAA Division I general athletics social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Overall, Division-I general athletics accounts average a combined 200,000 followers over the four social media platforms.Using revenue data from the U.S. Department of Education indicates the relationship between social media following and department revenue. For every social media follower on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, a university projects to earn approximately $496 in athletics revenue.Twitter remains the most consistently used platform for interaction as 88.5% of universities have unique individual accounts for the aforementioned sports. Individual sports accounts are less common on Instagram (73.8%) and Facebook (56.9%), especially for non-Power-Five schools.
I think that social media has very big impact for changing the way that we all communicate. It’s given us the ability to discover what’s happening in the world immediately, to connect with each other and stay in touch, and in order to have access to endless amounts of information. In many senses, social media has helped many individuals and groups find common ground with others online and making the world seem more approachable. but also new hazards could be suggested that online communication and collaboration may lead to decreased civility, mutual understanding, and communicative clarity, as compared with face-to-face methods. Such negative trends can occur, but are they inevitable?I think that what we need to investigate whether online communication tools can actually support more skillful communication and deeper mutual understanding, especially in situations involving conflict, controversial topics, or differences in goals and perspectives.


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