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Demonstrate the ability to initiate, design, and create an effective and professional research proposal which includes the skills necessary to access, assess, and analyze peer-reviewed research.


Searching and Surveying the Literature!Learning ObjectiveDemonstrate the ability to initiate, design, and create an effective and professional research proposal which includes the skills necessary to access, assess, and analyze peer-reviewed research. InstructionsFor this assignment you will collect 15 academic sources related to your topic. This does NOT mean you will read all 15. You should use the scanning and skimming strategies described in Machi & McEvoy Ch 3. Then you will map those 15 sources by organizing them into groups of between 2 and 5 sources. Your groups should be organized thematically, not according to source type. Each source must follow the MLA or APA Style Bibliography Format. Be sure to alphabetize your entries under each group heading. This process helps you get a very good handle on the literature and will help you to finalize you topic and dig into the literature review. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________*** (HELPFUL INFO ABOUT THE TOPIC BELOW) ***IntroductionYou have delved pretty deeply into both books for the class and you have considered the nature of an academic endeavor and why the use of an academic library is so crucial to the kind of research you do in college or professionally. And now is the time to start formulating ideas for your research proposal. YES INDEED! Its time to begin the process of topic selection, and it is a process. Review Wang and Park Ch 2 and Macho and McEvoy Ch 1 and implement their suggestions to help narrow your interests.So choosing a topic is the easy part, right? WRONG! Selecting an interesting and relevant topic that relates to your academic discipline (your major and its subdisciplines) is hard. And then add in the requirements for the research proposal and it gets even harder. You are tasked with writing a research proposal. And WHAT does a research proposal do exactly? Research proposal are written to convince someone (a teacher, a funding body, a government agency, your boss, etc.) that a project is worthwhile and should be funded and conducted.From Scribr ( (Links to an external site.)), consider carefully this very short synopsis:Research proposal aimsRelevanceConvince the reader that your project is interesting, original and importantContextShow that you are familiar with the field, you understand the current state of research on the topic, and your ideas have a strong academic basisApproachMake a case for your methodology, showing that you have carefully thought about the data, tools and procedures you will need to conduct the researchFeasibilityConfirm that the project is possible within the practical constraints of the programme, institution or fundingThis is a fantastic synopsis because it clearly shows the onus is on the proposal writer to convince readers that you know what you are talking about, that you have done deep academic literature research and can do the project. So getting down to a great topic and later research questions is key as that is the beginning of the process. And the process of selecting a topic also relates to surveying the literature. So its is super important that we start now and refine as we go.REMEMBER–YOUR TOPIC NEEDS TO RELATE TO YOUR MAJOR AND INVOLVE AN ACADEMIC, SCHOLARLY APPROACH. This will help to avoid topics that are not academic, have already been addressed, and/or are not do-able for proposal assignment. For instance, “why does homelessness exist?”, “does working out really build muscle?”, “is a vegan diet good for you?”, “can dogs be trained?”. These are all inappropriate topics for our purpose. You need to find something interesting in your area of study (after all, that is why you have to take this class). This in contrast to something like: “is product placement in a rural Nevada grocery store an effective marketing tool?” which is a good start for a research topic.Requirements: completed assignment   |   .doc file


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