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describe computer and information systems in healthcare. – unicorp essays


In this writing assignment, you will describe computer and information systems in healthcare.
Step 1 Think about your own experience with computer and information systems in healthcare. This may be a current employer, past employer, or clinical site.
Step 2 Analyze information systems in your workplace and write a two-page paper in which you address the following questions: 

What does your unit use healthcare informatics for?
Specifically, what type of data, information, and knowledge does your unit obtain through the use of healthcare informatics?
What type of hardware does your unit use?
What types of software does your unit use?
Does the facility have an intranet? If so, what is it used for?
In what ways does your unit use electronic documentation? If you currently do not use electronic documentation, describe your unit’s future plans for implementing electronic documentation.
What type of standardized terminology do you use in your practice?


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