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Design an Instructional Plan for a Job Task Present an Instructional Plan Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)


Design an Instructional Plan for a Job Task            Present an Instructional Plan Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)
This task will provide the student with an opportunity to research a job task and design an instructional plan for this job task.
Given a job task, the student will design a basic instructional plan based on the guidelines presented in this course and the textbook.  The instructional plan will be presented to peers and the instructor for discussion and comment. First, the instructional plan will include one skills based learning objective that includes these components: task conditions for training, task statement, and standards of performance. Search the internet for an explanation of task, conditions, and standard.  Next, the lesson plan will list the steps or actions required to complete the task.  The task statement and each step will begin with an action verb. Research Blooms Taxonomy for some examples. For this assignment your action verb must be skills-based (a work place job task).
Your presentation will also include why this task is important to learn and its importance to the business, how frequently a person will use this task in the workplace, and what are the stimulus cues to use the task. Lastly, given the completed learning objective, the student will describe the training method, which consists of the presentation method (show), application method (do) and feedback method (check). The student will also describe the training environment and materials required.  This is a business professional presentation.
Required PowerPoint SlidesCover slideTask statement with list of steps required to perform the taskLearning Objective: Task condition, task statement, and task standardTask importance, task frequency of use, and task difficulty level (create a measurement scale and a behavioral description for each level of the scale)Task cues for use (opportunities or stimulus that triggers use of task)Instructional agenda – Task presentation (show) methodInstructional agenda – Task application (do) methodInstructional agenda – Task feedback (check) methodTraining environment, training times, instructor materials, and student materials (best included with each of the instructional phases of presentation, application, and feedback).


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