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Discuss about the pros and cons of being paid in cryptocurrency.


Discuss about the pros and cons of being paid in cryptocurrency. Why should we care? Why is this topic important?Arguments – 4+ Pages. Make 3 points in your favor and support them with research.Counter-Arguments – 3+ Pages. Play devil’s advocate and find 3 counterpoints to your argument.Conclusion – ½ Page to 1 Page. Wrap it up, take a stance, and tell me what you’ve learned.


Write a paper on nursing theory, nursing ethics, and professional accountability.

Write a paper focusing on the mathematical proportions of Colonial architecture in NE American states, with the colonial period being defined as 1607-1776, and the NE American states being defined as Maine, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.

Write a paper on American Case Management Association (ACMA).

What value do you think can be most affectively connected to the story in the play?

Describe what you want to do (this is a strategic plan) (five slides).

Discuss research findings on the psychological profile of fraudsters, and discuss the issue of fraud risk mitigation in response to these findings.

Identify a problem and find an org to solve.

Write a paper that should address a significant issue of current interest in the 2019 Energy Master Plan.

Where do you stand on whether the U.S. government should be doing about global warming and climate change?

Write an essay on the impacts of police unions.


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