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Discuss about voting – unicorp essays


Writing Assignment 2 asks you to discuss voting–specifically your motivations for voting or not voting. You may have heard about this, but there was apparently an election a few months back, and for a variety of reasons, people are still talking about it!
Please discuss this in two full pages, typed, 12 pt. font Times New Roman.
If you are not eligible to vote, for whatever reason (and you do NOT need to disclose why), please take those two pages to discuss the importance of community (however you want to do that is fine). 
I know that most of you are probably not particularly stoked to talk about politics. I get that, but it’s two pages. You can do it. The video below provides a more detailed explanation if you want one, but beware: it was made before the election, so I get kind of preachy about voting if you can. Ignore that.


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