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Discussion 3: Elements and Molecules in the News


31Jan 2022 by


Discussion Prompt
Elements and molecules are at the heart of chemistry.  Identify an element or molecule or reaction that you have encountered in the news recently.  Provide also a link to a news story (print, radio, YouTube,…) in which this topic is addressed. Explain why this is an important topic and some of the problems and/or benefits.  Obviously, this could be a very broad area but try to limit your discussion to one in which some specific chemical(s) is reference, i.e., some pesticide, new antibiotic, battery composition, environmental chemistry, etc.  The list is endless since chemicals are important in everything.  Don’t worry if you can’t understand all the science or chemistry discussed, just hone in on the main points.  The trick is locating something where a specific molecule/chemical is mentioned.  Obviously, COVID related therapeutics are a hot item but since we risk having too many posts on the same substance, lets exclude this area.   Here are some links to get you started (the following were obtained by Googling “chemistry in the news”) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


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