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Discussion Board 2 – Smart Custom Essays


17Feb 2022 by
Use the Core Competencies readings from Module 2: Learning Materials to complete this week’s discussion. Considering your readings, what areas of competency do you plan to build within integrated team based care programs/organizations and why are those important?Identify a minimum of three areas. When you consider your own professional development, reflect upon the competencies: where do you see yourself excelling, where do you hope and intend to grow this year (keep in mind development occurs in a sequential, cumulative fashion) identify specific professional behavioral anchors/skills and steps toward future growth.
To fully engage in this discussion:  In the medical community, brief communications are appreciated…long communications are not read.  Use some of the medical/financial terminology and abbreviations you have learned in the class if you can.   Be sure to review the DB Guidelines   & Discussion Board Grading RubricActions prior to submission. prior to submission. 
For your initial post, (Posts must be 300 minimum-350 words maximum, not including references and salutations, and should be free of direct quotes, and errors in grammar and spelling.) Submit your initial post by (Friday at 11:59 p.m.).For your response, (Posts must be 300 minimum-350 words maximum, adds to the discussion including a new idea or concept from the course content should be free of direct quotes, and errors in grammar and spelling. ) Submit one response to peers by (Friday at 11:59 p.m.). 
 Please use standards of netiquette as outlined in the syllabus. 


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