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Discussion board Core Value – unicorp essays


25Jan 2022 by


You identified and shared your five core values in the Module Two discussion board learning activity. In this discussion board you will expand on those, sharing both a positive experience and a negative work-related experience with your classmates. If you have not had much work experience, think about another experience in which you observed effective employee processes and  it was clear that diversity was an important factor in the organizational culture.  You may write up to 500 words for this assignment.

Choose an experience that you observed in a work setting, one in which effective employee processes were implemented and it was obvious that diversity was an important factor in the organizational culture.  For example, were employees productive?  Did they stay with the company for long periods of time?  Did your leaders, managers or supervisors serve as good examples for their employees?
Now, choose an experience in which you noticed poor leadership, discrimination or other processes that were inefficient or ineffective.  For example, were workplace policies fair to all employees, regardless of gender, race, age or sexual orientation?  Were equal pay for equal performance policies implemented?  (Keep in mind that often, we can learn important lessons from those people whom we never want to emulate, or follow their example!)
For each of the experiences above in questions #2 and #3, list two “lessons learned” that you believe contributed to your personal growth and professional development.  Why did you choose these lessons and how do you plan to incorporate these lessons in your future career?
Follow the guidelines listed in the grading rubric for written content as you address each of the questions above in this discussion board post.


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