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Discussion Post Replies – unicorp essays


19Jan 2022 by

Please just reply to these discussion posts below each discussion post from the two students:
Adriana Constant’s Discussion Post:
Growing up, I had always heard the word Medulla when it came to the brain, but it was always something on TV, and that is not a place where I gather my information. After reading this chapter on the brain, I see now that there is so much more than the Medulla. I never knew there were so many regions of the brain that have different functions. There were many facts that I have learned, but the facts that stood out for me were the areas that control different functions. One was the cerebellum that controls the balance. For example, if someone has certain damage to this part of the brain, it can cause weaker movement than one normally has with the body, eyes, and speech. Another fact that I have learned was that the cerebral cortex is considered the new brain and controls the sensory area. It controls our speech, motor function, how we think. Another fact that stood out to me was that the brain is divided into two mirror halves. There are two hemispheres, and each side controls the opposite of the body. The right hemisphere controls the left side of the brain, and the left hemisphere controls the right side of the brain. The right side mostly controls the non-verbal areas like memorizing sequences or being compassionate with your emotions. The left side is verbal. It controls speaking and how you think.
Learning more about the brain helps study psychology because the brain is responsible for our daily functions and seems to be in many different areas that control different regions of our actions. However, since everything is chemically based in the brain, it does not seem like we can fully control everything we do. This should be why they should be looking further into the study of the brain when it comes to psychology. If I could choose a nervous system disorder to study, it would be Alzheimer’s. I know our body changes, and apparently, so does our brain. However, it has to be something that causes the neurons to die and develop the disease. What causes the neurons to die? I have learned about Alzheimer’s that women have a higher risk of developing this disorder. One major fact about this disorder is that it is one of the highest causes of death. Also, if you already have heart disease, it can give you a higher chance of getting Alzheimer’s in one’s future.

Faith Malo’s Discussion Post:

The brain is a complex organ in our body, and it serves us many purposes. Being unfamiliar with the anatomy of the brain, Ive recently discovered that it is made up of four main regions. These four areas are called the cerebrum, cerebellum, the brainstem, and the diencephalon. Each of them serves a different purpose and helps us function. For example, the cerebrum helps us have the ability to learn and be able to speak. While the cerebellum is responsible for coordination and assist us in our balance and movement. Ive also learned that the brain is a self protecting organ, it has a defense mechanism from harmful substances using something called a blood brain barrier. This feature of the brain helps prevent dangerous substances from entering it. Experiments have shown that even dye injected directly into the blood stream will be blocked by this blood brain barrier, so it may not enter our brains to possibly harm it. The last fact of the brain that I have come across is that we have glial cells inside of us that aid our neurons. These cells protect the neurons in our brain and help them too function, they also help the brain to stay healthy. Their duties include creating myelin, which is vital to electrical signals being able to flow quickly. As well as maintain homeostasis which helps overall cell functioning in the brain.
Personally, I feel that learning about the brain is crucial in studying and understanding psychology. The brain is how we take in information, process it, and act accordingly, and psychology is all about the how and why of the human mind. Upon researching Ive noticed common conflicting theories of not having to know about the brain to comprehend the mind. However, when considering the fact the brain is responsible for much of how our mind works, it can make one think otherwise. Say someone one was to have a sudden speech problem; from a psychological point of view we might look into it as a behavioral issue and aspect. Did this person experience something traumatic inflicting trouble speaking because they now suffer from a psychological disorder? Or, we can look at the brain itself, theres a possibility the part responsible for speech could have been damaged or going through trouble from a neurological point. This problem of the mind cannot be solved until we know the brain is able to function correctly. Therefor, I feel it is important to understand the functions of the brain before understanding the psychological aspect of the mind.
Having a choice to choose one nervous system disorder to study I would pick Epilepsy. I have a close friend who suffers from the disorder and seeing them have an episode of an uncontrollable seizure at random was very real, and terrifying. This disorder can be passed down genetically or obtained through a traumatic injury, it is a result of ones brain cell activity not performing correctly. The Mayo Clinic even states that this disorder can lead to SUDEP, ( Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy ) Where unfortunately, one can pass suddenly from at epilepsy attack. Although it is more rare, it is fatal and even unpredictable. While some cases can be managed and even treated with certain medications, others can last a lifetime and have troubling risk factors. It puts those in danger when it comes to driving, as they could lose control at any time and cause a crash. As well as make it hazardous to become pregnant as there is a chance of losing consciousness and falling, resulting in injury to oneself and the baby. I have an interest in studying this disorder to better understand it and help others safely live with it, and have the possibility of being able to subside its effects.


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