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Discussion Post – unicorp essays


30Jan 2022 by

Discussion #3 Assignment Instructions and Prompt: This week you’ve come to understand that business, even small business, is becoming global as we, in the workplace, find it easier to connect with individuals all over the world with similar business goals. Now put into practice your understanding of learning from others.
The Internet provides far-reaching communication options for business professionals in the form of email and social media. Reflect on your professional experiences with email and social media. How can these tools be used to support effective leadership communication and a positive ethos?
Locate and post to the discussion an example of the web presence of a leader or company or organization that interests you. (Consider websites, blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook pages, Twitter, email, LinkedIn, or other communication channels.)

How effective is the leader’s or company’s message for connecting with its intended audience? Explain.
How effective is the message for conveying a positive ethos? Explain.
Is the selected channel (blog, email, etc.) the best choice for communication? Explain.
Based on the assigned readings and your own experience, what suggestions do you have for improving the leader’s or company’s social media presence?


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