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Disney Case Write-Up – Smart Custom Essays


Analyze the case information, and after updating the case information with current information on the industry and company, suggest some strategic options that the company can follow in the future. Your strategy recommendation should be relevant for the present time, rather than for the time when the case was written (which could be a few years earlier). In other words, the case is only meant to give you some background information. Your analysis has to go beyond the information presented in the case study. Please use the following format in your write-up (page suggestions are single-spaced, but make sure you adhere to the 3-page limit – anything over the page limit will not be read or evaluated):

(1⁄2 page). Briefly summarize the company and its businesses.

(1⁄2 page). Define clearly and concisely the strategic challenges facing the industry and firmtoday (you will need to update the case information with outside research in this section – the case might be a few years old, but we are interested in the current situation – please reference your sources).

(1-11⁄2 pages). Identify at least three strategic growth opportunities for the company using a full sentence or a short paragraph. For each opportunity, list the pros and cons using bullet points. This should be the major part of your write-up. Materials such as tables, quantitative analysis, may be placed in appendices, not in the text. Do not repeat tables and material contained in the case. Again, use the current situation facing the company based on outside research to answer this section.

(1⁄2 page). Write a brief recommendation, selecting one of your suggested growth opportunities.Give a rationale for your choice and provide suggestions for how the company can achieve thisgrowth opportunity.

(No limit). Appendices and bibliography using the APA or MLA format. 1 point will be deductedfor submissions with improper formatting.


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