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Distinguish ethical and unethical actions in the business environment and identify how the legal system can address a problem. – unicorp essays


14Jan 2022 by

The pandemic has resulted in upheaval for many people. Those who suffered a prolonged job loss may also face housing insecurity. Watch the video below and then respond in at least 250 words to the following prompts.

Contract law governs rental agreements between landlords and tenants. Normally when a tenant does not pay rent, the landlord may legally evict the tenant. Now that you have watched the video, explain whether you think it is ethical for a landlord to evict a tenant who is unable to pay rent due to a job loss as a result of the pandemic.
The nationwide federal moratorium was blocked by the Supreme Court in August 2021. There are many tenants who owe a substantial amount of overdue rent. Identify one of the three branches of government at either the federal, state or local level that you think could address the problem that such tenants are facing. Explain the action that the government could take and how it would improve the situation.

Your word count does not include citations to your sources in APA format. Citations are required when you take information from any source. Without citations and appropriate attribution of quotations and other information, I will consider your work to be in violation of the CPCC student academic integrity policy. See page 5 of the course syllabus for further details.
This discussion is set up so that you must complete a post answering the prompt before you can read and respond to other posts. I am grading your first post for it’s responsiveness to the instructions. If you post a blank post first, you will not get credit for the assignment.
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What Happens If You Can’t Pay Rent? | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix


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