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diverese cultures – unicorp essays


19Jan 2022 by

To complete Part I – Diverse Cultures Report, you will choose a diverse cultural group in our society that you are interested in learning more about. You will research the cultural beliefs, practices, and traditions of the group, along with specific health care needs of the group. Examples of diverse cultural groups are listed in the table below. Your research should reflect a national or global understanding of your chosen group. Completion of this assignment will provide the foundation for Part 2 of the major assignment, which follows in Module 5.  Group(People with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds)

A specific focus on the group you choose, identifying research on health care, and a description of the culture and traditions of this group.
A thorough explanation of the specific health care beliefs and practices of this group.
An explanation of the unique healthcare needs of your chosen population.
Present findings in a 2-3-page report (does not count reference page), in APA format.
Provide a full reference of sources in APA format at the end of the report.


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