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Diversity and Common Obstacles – unicorp essays

13Jan 2022 by

TEXTBOOK SOURCE: Wardle, F. (2021). Collaboration with families and communities (2nd ed.). Zovio.

Chapter 10 begins, in todays United States, there is no typical family; rather, there is a vast diversity of family structures in which children develop and learn (Wardle, 2021, p. 350). Our classroom, families, and children are reflective of this statement. Early care and education programs have a crucial role in supporting all families and by supporting the family, we support the child (Wardle, 2021, p. 363).

Reflecting on these quotes from the textbook, choose two common obstacles that families face from the list below and explain how you will work with families to overcome this obstacle.

Common obstacles:

Children with developmental delays
Problems with substance abuse by family member
Grandparents raising children and generational issues
Lack of extended family support
Communication difficulties
Cultural conflicts between the family and program
New immigrant status

For each of the obstacles you have chosen, complete the following prompt with critical thought and elaboration. Each obstacle should have a minimum of two ways that you will support families who are facing the challenge.
As an early childhood educator, in an effort to support families who ________________, I will _____________.

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