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“Diving with the Dead.” – unicorp essays


I attached the instructions below. The site I would like you to write about is “Diving with the Dead.”
The goal of this assignment, worth 10 points toward your final mark, is to explore an archaeological excavation project online. By doing so, you will get a feel for how a project works
in a specific area of the world. After exploring your project site, in a maximum four-page (double-spaced) narrative you will
report on the excavations, summarizing the approach and the goals and outcomes on the project. The website you need to visit is:
You can choose any project that interests you on this page, though do note some projects have more detailed and accessible info than others (the more recent projects are better documented). In particular, take a look at the “Beyond the Trenches” area for the project to get a good feel for your chosen site.
Part A. Site Summary (keep to 1 page max.)
Briefly summarize the site and its archaeological background/significance, both in terms of the past activity represented and previous archaeological work. Also describe where it is in the world, and the significance of the study region in which it is located.
Part B. The Field Project
Respond to the following questions to the extent possible given the site information provided online.
1. Research Design
• Why was excavation undertaken at the site?
• What were the overall research goals and objectives for the project?
• Were specific hypotheses tested? If so, describe these.
• What methodological approach was taken to the excavations?
• What excavation methods, site sampling, and screening/sifting methods were
employed on the project? Why were these used?
• How were these methods specifically tied to the research objectives and/or hypotheses
for the project?
2. Field Logistics
• How big was the crew?
• Who was on the crew?
• How many seasons of fieldwork were undertaken?
• What particular challenges were there in organizing the field effort?
Part C. Outcomes
1. Field Outcomes
• What kinds of data were generated?
• Were these analyzed in the field or in the lab? What were the analysis results? (summarize the highlights).
2. Research Outcomes
• What was learned about the site?
• Were the research goals achieved? Were specific hypotheses answered?
• What was left to for future work, and will they be going back?
Other elements to include:
• Provide a locator map for the site, showing its location on the globe and local area (these
can be downloaded from the project website, or a screen shots made of such a map)
• If possible, download/screen shot a map of the site and its key features, as well as the
excavation area.
• Provide the URL of the project’s main page.
Your narrative should be no more than 4 double-spaced pages, which does not include any maps or other visual information you include. That is not a lot of space to summarize a project, so you will need to be brief but effective in your summarizing!
You should also include:
• a title page or header, with your name and student number and other relevant information
• page numbers on your document
• subheadings to organize your narrative, in the structure outlined above
• properly and sequentially numbered figures and maps, which are referred to in the text
by that number
• properly cited external works, if used (note you are not required to use external sources
for this assignment, but they may be helpful to consult and/or include)


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