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division/analysis – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

/Put final division/analysis paper here.
For your analysis paper, simply watch a television show.  It can be any show, but it must be a sitcom and you have to run it by me first.  You can find full episodes on YOUTUBE.
You are watching to identify how they depict the parents on the show.   
Your principle of analysis is to study gender roles depicted on the show using the discussion topics: gender jokes, household chores, jobs, parenting.
1st topic sentence paragraph (or two): gender jokes
2nd topic sentence paragraph (or two): household chores
3rd topic sentence paragraph (or two): jobs/what’s important
4th  topic sentence paragraph (or two): parenting/what’s important
You must use examples from the weekly module in your paper to help prove your points. 
This means a work cited page (study tutorials).
Introduction:  Introduce your show and the principle of analysis you will be using.  Provide a thesis or slant on the subject.  i.e.  Through the use of jokes, household chores, priorities and jobs, “Modern Family” attempts to blow up the cultural stereotypes to show how difficult it is to change gender roles in this culture’s family structure.
Middle:  Prove your points by discussing the show through the topics of the discussion board.  Use examples from the weekly readings in your analysis.  Stay on each topic paragraph (nothing about jobs in the parenting paragraph etc.)
Conclusion:  Leave your audience with an explanation of what you just taught them (me) about gender roles in tv sitcoms.
 MLA style – 5-7 pages.

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