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Do you think respondents will be more or less honest and accurate when completing online surveys?


GEB4891 Lesson 4DiscussionThe primary means forgaining and sustaining competitive advantages for most companies are shiftingdownstream. Explain and discuss this statement.DiscussionRequirements: Your initial postshould be at least 250 words, based on your own unique composition–usingyour own words along with explicit examples; do not copy/paste someoneelse’s work.
MAR4802 Lesson 04 – DiscussionOnline marketingresearch seems to be the wave of the future. What drawbacks do you seeassociated with conducting surveys online? Are privacy issues greater with onlinesurveys than with other forms of administering surveys, such as phone,face-to-face, or mail? Do you think respondents will be more or less honest andaccurate when completing online surveys?Requirements: Begin contributing to the discussions no laterthan midnight of the first Saturday after lesson opens. Yourinitial post should be at least 200 words.
Man4401 Lesson 04 – Discussion Employees might respond to workplace injusticein one of five ways: quitting, individual voice (such as complaining),collective voice (including forming a union), resistance (including workwithdrawal such as absenteeism, reduced work effort, and work avoidance, orperhaps even sabotage), and silence. How might union strategies, managerialstrategies, and the external environment shape which response an individualworker chooses? What else might affect whether workplace injustice causes anindividual to support a labor union over the other options for dealing withinjustice? How are unions and management key participants in the laborrelations process? Give an example and cite your sources.Requirements:1. Begin contributing to the discussions no laterthan midnight of the first Saturday after a lesson opens.2. Your original post should be a minimum of 250words and based on your own unique composition.
Man4401 Lesson 4 CaseStudyEvery business student (and probably everybody who actuallyworks) should have a basic familiarity with the laws and concepts that governthe employment relationship — unions, collective bargaining, employee rights,workers’ compensation, workplace safety. From your readings the past few weeks.Answer the following questions:1. What are the two [three, four, five] mostsignificant [central, useful, meaningful, surprising, disturbing] things youhave learned so far this term in regard to labor management relations?2. What question(s) remain uppermost in yourmind?Nowfind a case that speaks to you. State -What is the law in the case you havefound? (Links to an external site.) Discuss why this case speaks to you.Submit this in an APA formatted paper 1 to 2 pages to the drop box
MAR4802 Lesson 4AssignmentRead Critical Thinking on page 126 in your textbook, #4.8 and answer thefollowing question:1. Imagine you own a pet grooming business. Youwant to use market research to identify how you can grow your business but youare on a limited budget. Review the marketing research techniques outlined inthe chapter to determine which ones can be used for your small business. Whatinformation will you need and how will you obtain it? Your reply must be at least 500 words PLUSa minimum of 2 references to support your answer. You must use correctAPA


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