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e learning – Smart Custom Essays


1. Review the Video
2. In 100-200 words use the textbox to explain the following:
       1. The coherence principle in your own words 
       2. Think about a recent eLearning course you have taken (YouTube, etc.).
What were some of the techniques used to increase learner interest and
       3. Based on the coherence principle, were these techniques helpful or
detrimental to learning?

Suppose you’re developing a course with another instructional designer.  They’ve been an instructional designer for 6 years and you’ve been in your role for 1 year. You’re working on a course that is on a compressed timeline and on a limited budget. 

Your colleague tells you that the multimedia principle and the contiguity principle don’t matter in real design because they are concepts in a book. What would you tell them? What key points would you use to influence their thinking around these principles? Discuss in 250-350 and support your stance with research.  


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