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early arts of asia – Smart Custom Essays


17Feb 2022 by
Before we begin any discussion of the arts of Asia, we must understand what defines Asia. What are the limits of Asia? Where does Asia end and Europe begin? As we look at the beginnings of these early arts of Asia, we are looking at the cultures of Asia before the introduction of both Hinduism and Buddhism to the cultural sphere. What are some of the shared characteristics of these early cultures? What are some of the unique qualities of each culture? How can we compare these cultures to what we know about our own culture?What is Asia?How do we define what Asia is? What are some of your ideas about how we define Asian Culture? When you think of “Asia,” what do you think of? You may include any ideas regarding this topic.Jomon and Yayoi PotteryWhat do you think are the possible uses for the Jomon vessels are? Why do you think they have this unique shape? How are they different from the Yayoi vessels? Do they have different uses? What do you think accounts for the different shapes and styles?TaotieWhat are some of the possible meanings of the taotie? Where else might you see this type of design motif? Why do you think this type of pattern is placed all over the objects?Design MotifsThe Shang, Zhou, and Han dynasty objects have distinct stylistic differences. What do you think are the functions of each one and how do they contribute to the overall reception of each object? In other words, why do you think they changed over time?
ebookread pp. 3-8, 126-145, 243-248, 277-288


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