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EARLY CHILD 1 db6 – Smart Custom Essays


The developing ability to mirror, repeat, and practice the actions of others, either immediately or later. At around 8 months of age, children imitate simple actions and expressions of others during interactions.
The Assignment
After reading our course material, chapter 4 (pages 93-104), discuss the following:
The older infant (eight to twelve months) is beginning to do a great deal of imitating.  What developmental purpose does this behavior serve?
Grading Criteria: See attached rubric for grading criteria
Discussion Board Rubric.doc
Text, Chapter 4 and the video – Teaching Imitation
after doing the DB reply to two other ppl you agree or disagree and why..First person:
Chapter 4 material and video observation teaches us that the infant abiity to imitatie improves and is a crucial aspect to skills development in an infant. Imitation purpose serves to extend social interactions and help the child leran new skills and behaviors. (Chapter 4 pg.94). While learning and developing rapidly the abiity to imtitate ia an important behavior to developing language and  social leraning through obsevration new knowledge ,imitation is a form of trail-and -erro  of learning and developement.
Through sound , facial expressions and word actons the video gives examples usually occur in infants, prentend play cooking after watching parents cook, speech babbling da da . The video informs us that children with autism  spectrum disorder have diffculty with imitations . Children learn quickly through imitation it allows them to learn new things quickly by watching those around them imitation is a form of communication. SEcond person:
The older infant (eight to twelve months) is beginning to do a great deal of imitating.  What development purpose does this behavior serve?
Imitation is a crucial aspect of skill development.  This is because there are learning new things quickly. The ability to imitating helps to determine whether or not a child will have difficulty with communication and social skills. Studies show that most children learn everything from gross motor movements, to speech, to interactive play skills just by watching what those around them do.


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