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International Outbreak
A. Select a specific outbreak that has occurred within the last 50 years that included human to human transmission that crossed at least one international border.
  Respiratory syndrome coronavirus (includes SARS, MERS, and COVID-19)
  Meningococcal disease
  Ebola virus
  Hepatitis B
  Hepatitis C
  Zika virus

The task should be written in a narrative form.
B. Description of a chosen international outbreak 

Name of the disease

The two countries involved

The date the outbreak started from the original source and the dates it was discovered in each subsequent country.  (Minimum number of countries involved is two).

 B1. Epidemiological Determinants and Risk Factors
Analyze the EPIDEMIOLOGICAL DETERMINANTS and RISK FACTORS of this specific outbreak that you have presented in section B.
What are epidemiological determinants? A determinant is anything that increases disease frequency in a population. Risk Factors and Transmission are both epidemiological determinants. However, you should discuss other determinants relevant to your outbreak here such as infectivity (how easily it is spread?), virulence (how deadly is it?), mode of transmission (Vector? Contact? Aerosol?), climate considerations (i.e. does the vector survive arid or cold temperatures?), antigenic stability (i.e. Influenza) and any other appropriate variable.
Risk factors typically address the condition of the host (patient) and environment. Examples of risk factors would be age, occupation, immune-compromised status, unvaccinated status, lack of prior exposure to the disease, smoking, living in close quarters (i.e. military, prisons, college dormitories), vector exposure, etc.

B2. Route of Transmission 

B3. Impact in My Community at a Systems Level
(e.g., the functioning of schools, local government, businesses, hospitals). Remember: These are your thoughts/ideas related to a hypothetical situation should a worst-case scenario of an outbreak impact your community. 
B4. Reporting Protocol for an Outbreak in My Community

 Many states have legislation related to communicable disease reporting protocol. Be specific in terms of your county and state.

 B5. Two Strategies to Prevent an Outbreak in My Community

 (e.g., patient education strategies, community education strategies).


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