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This is a two-page ‘reading notes’ for Chapter three the chapter is called housing boom for the book UNDERSTANDING GLOBALIZATION this is the book, you must have it in order to bid on it Schaeffer, Robert K. (2016) Understanding Globalization: The Social Consequences of Political, Economic, and Environmental Change, 5th Ed. Rowman and Littlefield. ISBN-13: 978-1442215276 Reading Notes: The reading notes are two-page reflections on what you have read. The format is simple: two-page, single-space, block format (like this syllabus), 10-point font with the following content subheadings: Thesis – identify the central lesson the author is teaching us Central pillars – define and discuss at least three major learning outcomes Discussion – reflection on the book’s impact on the future manager – in other words, why does this reading matter


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