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Effect of Play-Based Practices on Creativity in Preschool


22Jan 2022 by

Topic: Effect of Play-Based Practices on Creativity in Preschool

Write a review of relevant literature that is relevant to the issue. Analytical, coherent, highlight gaps, relate to local contexts.
To cover theories, methodologies, findings, practices (practical ideas). Comprehensive, about 8 primary research papers and/or integrated synthesis.
(sources need to be in the last 5 years)

2 of the 8 sources should be:

Cheung, R. H. P. (2018). Play-based creativity-fostering practices: the effects of different pedagogical approaches on the development of childrens creative thinking behaviours in a Chinese preschool classroom. Pedagogy, Culture & Society, 26(4), 511-527.
Behnamnia, N., Kamsin, A., & Ismail, M. A. B. (2020). The landscape of research on the use of digital game-based learning apps to nurture creativity among young children: A review. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 37, 100666.

other information (just for reference):

Research problem: How does play-based learning effect on preschoolers creativity?
Research hypotheses (if relevant): Play-based learning makes preschoolers have higher creativity.

Methodology: Quantitative quasi-experimental study (duration 1 month)
Measuring Method: Creativity – Amabiles Consensual Assessment Technique (CAT)


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