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Employer Social Media Account Access – unicorp essays


4 Attached):Part I Your Initial PostAnswer the following questions in your initial post:1. What is your view of the impact of the Internet on your life?2. Should Internet users have a Right to Privacy? If not, does the lack of privacy have any influence on how you use the Internet?3. Should employers have access to your complete history on the Internet? How about employment information?4. Should the government have unlimited access to everyone’s information on the Internet? How about Big Tech, should they be in charge of your data?5. Should businesses, individuals, police, and the government have access to facial recognition capabilities? Or, should it be banned entirely or controlled through due process of the law (warrant- only used where probable cause exists)?6. Should Internet companies be permitted to censor information, opinions, pictures, based on company policies and editors’ beliefs? Or, should the companies leave censorship to the users and posters? 7. Should Internet users have access to an app that allows users to send junk mail bombs back through the Internet to junk mail originators, blasting them with messages to “Stop the Traffic?” Sort of like an Internet protest rally?8. Should there be a separate non-commercial Internet for users that do not want the volume of traffic of unsolicited traffic, data collection, or tracking devices following you wherever you go?9. Should there be a children’s Internet with full parental values control that restricts Internet use and down traffic access? Or is the “Off Button” enough?10. Should Big Tech be protected from violating your constitutional rights?Part 21. Develop a detailed “Pro and Con” chart covering six areas from the legislation list passed by other states and the potential impact the legislation if it existed in Florida. In other words, pick 6 pro’s and con’s from the various states and how they would apply to Sally’s restaurant.


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