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Essay on Caryl Phillip novels


For this first essay, you are being asked to writer a 4-page essay (excluding works cited page) about a theme or trope that runs across the Caryl Phillips’ texts that we have read in Unit I of the course (eight of his essays, Strange Fruit, and Crossing the River). In the essay, you will identity the theme or trope and write an analysis of the significance of that theme or trope to Phillips’ literary imagination. You want to make sure that you are looking at something specific in your analysis: for example, not just about the theme of migration but perhaps about how migration to an unwelcoming land can destroy the interpersonal dynamics of the migrant family. The goal of the essay is to identity the theme or trope in at least three of Phillips’ works and to offer an analysis of the complexities and nuances surrounding the topic you have chosen. You will be asked to bring in at least one outside source to support your analysis. This source could come from a critical article, from biographical information on Phillips, from an interview Phillips has one, or from general information about the context of Phillips’ writing. You will be assessed on this essay, using the following criteria:
* The explanation you provide for the theme or trope you are examining in Phillips’ work (is it fully developed, clear, and compelling* The details you bring in from at least three Phillips’ texts to support your claim about Phillips’ investment in the theme or trope you have chosen* The support from an outside source to enhance your analysis* The organization and the clarity of your essay* The grammar and mechanics of your essay


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