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14Jan 2022 by

Discuss the psychology of job loss and mental health implications of long-term unemployment on individuals, and their families.

Consider the following articles, which have been placed in the resources section on LMS or can be found on Google Scholar :
Gallie, D., Paugam, S., & Jacobs, S. (2003). Unemployment, poverty and social isolation: Is there a vicious circle of social exclusion? European Societies, 5, 1-32.

McClelland, A., & Macdonald, F. (1998). The social consequences of unemployment.
Business Council of Australia. Retrieved from cClelland.pdf

Zechmann, A., & Paul, K. I. (2019). Why do individuals suffer during unemployment? Analyzing the role of deprived psychological needs in a six-wave longitudinal study. Journal of occupational health psychology.

Research Essay Tips
This is an essay, so remember to structure it like one, with an introduction, main body and conclusion. You may use sub-headings if it helps with structure.
Use full sentences and APA style referencing.
Assignments should be formatting following the conventions of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition. Guidelines on using APA style can be obtained from the following sources: Murdoch Library website:
Elaborate and discuss research findings relevant to the issue.
Use topic sentences and at the end of a paragraph or main argument, anchor it back to your point – keep asking yourself the so what question why do you want your reader to know this, why is it relevant?
Do not use dot points in your essay.
Use objective language. Avoid colloquial and emotional language, and personal judgement or opinion.
Integrating research findings with your main points is an important part of this essay. Use findings from relevant research literature to support your arguments. Show that you can compare and contrast relevant research to arrive at a sound conclusion.

Research Essay Penalties to watch out for
There must be at least 5 journal articles cited in the essay. Information presented must be evidence-based, using peer-reviewed journal articles (not personal judgement, internet facts or opinion). Leave enough time to check that you have done your in-text citations and references. Failure to do this will result in a capped mark of 50%.
There is a 1500-word limit on this assignment. If your assignment exceeds this word limit, once the limit is reached, reading will stop. The section within the word limit will be marked as if it is the complete assignment. NO leeway will be given above this limit. The word count INCLUDES all words from the initial word of your essay to its final word, but it
EXCLUDES the title, abstract (optional) and reference list. The computer word processing package that you use for producing your assignments will have a word count function for checking the length of your assignment. In-text citations also count as words.
Each student must develop his/her own essay. There are severe penalties for collusion and plagiarism that include a fail mark, suspension from the semester, and/or expulsion from university.

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