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Exp19_Access_Ch06_HOEAssessment – Resume 1.0 Project Description: In this projec


Exp19_Access_Ch06_HOEAssessment – Resume 1.0
Project Description:
In this project, you are tracking newly hired employees as well as longer term permanent employees. You will update the company’s database by modifying values with an update query. You will make a table for storing permanent employee information, and then delete those records from your newly hired employees table. You will also summarize employees by their degree type and identify those who have no resumes on file.
Start   Access. Open the downloaded Access file named Exp19_Access_Ch6_HOEAssessment_Resume. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename. Save the file to the   location where you are storing your files.
Using a select query, you will identify all of the new employees with   a major of Theater, and then use an update query to modify the major to   Theater and Film.
Create a select query that includes the LastName,   FirstName, and HighestDegreeName from the New Employees table (in that order).   Run the query.
In Design view, add the appropriate HighestDegreeName criterion to   limit the query output to only Theater. Convert the query to an update query. Update the HighestDegreeName   to Theater and Film.
View the query in Datasheet view prior to running it to make sure you   are updating the correct (three) records. Return to Design view and run the   query. Save the query as Update Theater   and Film Majors. Close the query.
You will identify employees hired during the first half of the year   and create a new table in which to store them. You will then delete the   records from the current New Employees table.
Create a select query that identifies all of the employees hired before 6/30/2021. Include   all fields from the New Employees table.
Convert the select query to a make table query. Name the new table Permanent Employees. Run the query. Save the query as Make   Permanent Employees Table. Close the query.
Make a copy of the Make   Permanent Employees Table query and save it as Append Permanent Employees Table. Open the Append Permanent   Employees Table query in Design view. Convert the make table query to an   append query. The query will append to the Permanent Employees table.
Modify the criteria to append employees hired Between 6/30/2021 and 9/30/2021. Run the query, save it, and then close it.
Open the Permanent Employees table in Design view and set SSN as the primary key field. Switch   to Datasheet view, then save and close the table.
Make a copy of the Append Permanent Employees Table query   and save it as Delete New Employees. Open the Delete   New Employees query in Design view. Convert the append query to a delete   query.
Modify the criteria to delete   all employees from the New Employees table where the DateOfHire is


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