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Experiential learning reflection – unicorp essays


19Jan 2022 by

– Write 1 (one) page for each article (Summary + reflection). Total 3 pages
No. 7: Developing a critical pedagogy (Pages 115-134)
No. 10: Teaching diversity through service-learning (Pages 169-188) 
No. 12: The construction of meaning (Pages 209-226)

– Connect through the summary of each article, how this helps me as a student of the experiential learning course in Latin American studies. I work for an NGO as a co-host of workshops for parents and children of Latino or Spanish-speaking families living in Canada. 
– The workshops are on the following topics: Introduction to children’s mental health. Mindful parenting. Peel CAS: Working with families to keep children and youth safe. The school system and parent-school engagement. Strategies for managing ADHD and providing support with learning challenges. Parenting through conflict and having difficult conversations. Overuse and misuse of screen technologies by kids and teens. The pandemic, parenting, and moving forward.
– If you need extra information or have any doubts, contact me.


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