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Final Exam – unicorp essays

13Jan 2022 by

Final Exam:
Please answer TWO of the following promptsin an informal essay of 2-3 pages each. By informal I mean that you do not haveto have a fully developed intro or summary of the text, and your discussion canbe less formal in tone. I would like your answers to include the following:
1.    Provide athesis (argument) that will serve as a guide for you and your reader
2.    Usespecific examples from the text(s) and cite those examples
3.    Only usethe texts from the course in your answer (except for factual information)
4.    End withshort concluding remarks
      Mulanmovie (cartoon or live action)
      WonderWoman: Tempest Tossed
      BlackPanther movie

1.    Our womanwarrior texts can be seen as political and social commentary which use a femalewarrior to fight against these injustices. Using at least two of the texts fromthe second part of the semester, consider the ways in which women warriors areemployed in these struggles:
      Mulan as a critique of patriarchy.
      Alien as a critique of capitalism.
      WonderWoman: Tempest Tossed as a critique ofneo-liberalism.
      BlackPanther as a critique of colonialism (both externaland internal).
      Kindred as a critique of slavery and American racism.
2.    Explorehow Afrofuturism (or Retro-Afrofuturism) is used in both Black Pantherand Kindred, focusing especially on the roles of female characters inboth texts.
3.    Thepersonal is political is a Second Wave Feminist slogan popularized in CarolHanischs 1970 essay of the same name. In it she argues that personalexperiences, and especially those of women, can be traced to onesstatus/location within power relations. How do our women warriors negotiate thetensions between the personal and the political, or the individual and thecollective? And how does race or ethnicity complicate these negotiations?Discuss in two texts from the list.
4.    Discussthe role of medium in telling the story of the woman warrior. What are thedifferent kinds of stories that can be told in a particular medium? How doesthe medium chosen (film, cartoon, graphic novel, autobiographical fiction)speak to a particular audience? What are the potentials and/or limitations of aparticular medium? What might have been a better choice to tell a particularstory and why?
5.    In hisessay The Novelist as Teacher, Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe wrote, a writermust remain free to disagree with his (her) society and go into rebellionagainst it if need be. But I am for choosing my cause very carefully. (42). Inwhat ways do our women warriors agree with the ideals of her society and inwhat ways do they rebel against them? Do you think that rebellion is anecessary part of being a woman warrior?
6.    Whichwoman warrior did you like the most and which did not resonate with you atall?  Choose from amongst the 6 listedfrom the second half of the class. Be sure to use specific examples anddiscussion to support your position.

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