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Final Project For the final project you will create an educational presentation


Final ProjectFor the final project you will create an educational presentation on three major ideas/concepts/people/events discussed throughout the semester. You may pick historical events (Mexicos conquest, zoot suit riots, the Chicano moratorium, etc..), important Chicano figures (La Malinche, Dolores Huerta), major themes from Andalzuas Borderlands (language, three mothers, cultural expectations), and Chicanas today. Your presentation needs to be focus on Chicanismo and the Chicana experience. You may include Chicano art, poems, videos, and music used throughout the semester.The presentation needs to be educational. Imagine your will present to a classroom full of students who have never heard of Chicanismo. You want to engage and educate.You have the freedom to present your project as a Power Point, Poster, Video, or traditional essay. However, you need to ensure that the following points are covered.IntroductionWhat is a Chicano(a)?BodyDiscuss the three major ideas/concepts/people/events. Why are these ideas/concepts/people/events important? How do they help understand the Chicano(a) experience in the United States?Make sure to provide enough information and examples. You may include videos, pictures. Be creative!ConclusionDiscuss the importance of learning about Chicanos. Why should American students, regardless of their ethnicity, learn about Chicano(a) history. You may include a quote, a poem, or video to inspire!


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