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Finance Article Summary – unicorp essays


21Jan 2022 by

Answer the following questions by watching the website given below

Please read the summary or watch the video from the website 

You may bullet point your answers.
1) What is Blackstone? What does the company do?  
2) What can you find out about who Byron Wein is at Blackstone? What are his credentials, reputation, experience etc.? Why would anyone care about is forecasts or market predictions?
3) How well did he do on his list of predictions last year? 
4) Which prediction(s) did you find most interesting/unexpected/insightful? Why?
5) Which prediction(s) do you think are the most unlikely or even preposterous? Why?
6) Do you notice any themes or trends with his Surprises?
7) Can you come up with a Byron Wein-like surprise of your own?  Please explain your reasoning for your “Surprise”.
8) Are their questions or things that you did not understand–Please describe?


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