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Fintechs ( finance subject )


I am currently writing a research paper for a master’s course and the deadline has been moved up by a few weeks… as a result I need help to finish it in time. The paper itself will be translated in another language, so it doesn’t matter if there are some english mistakes, what I really need help with is the research and content part.

The main subjects of this paper are fintechs ( finance ) and design.
To quickly summarize what fintechs are:  it is a combination of the terms finance and technology, and pertain to companies who have combined the two. Even though many core traditional finance companies have incorporated technology in their businesses, fintech generally still refers to startups which have emerged in the past decade or so and are co-existing alongside already established large finance companies. 
( For exammple; PayPal, Ledger, Kraken, Coinbase, Revolut, N26, Robinhood… are fintechs )

In this paper I try to demonstrate that design (and therefore designers) can be thanked for the success of fintechs in recent years. This includes all areas of design, whether it is web design, user experience design, interaction design, digital design etc…

To answer this, I have divided the paper into the following parts: 

Table of contents
Thank you notes

I – Understanding the context
1.1 – What are fintechs
1.2 – The rise of fintechs (how did they manage such a huge growth in an already crowded sector)
1.2 – Examples of fintechs in the world and in France
1.3 – How fintechs are disrupting the financial world and traditional banks
1.4 – What are fintechs worth; a few numbers
1.5 – Short conclusion

Problem statement:
How design and designers play a key role in the rise of fintechs in the financial world
User Interviews

II – The role of design in fintechs disruption
2.1 – How design plays a key role in any companies future, particularily in finance companies
2.2 – How the design of fintechs is more advanced compared to traditional finance companies or banks
 ( in particular user experience design and/or customer experience )
2.3 – How  design and designer are partly responsible for the disruption of fintechs in the financial sector
2.4 – Short conclusion

III – Case study: Comparison of a fintech against a traditional banks
3.1 – Example of a neobank, presentation
3.2 – Context
3.3 – Features and functions
3.4 – Design and user experience
3.5 – Short conclusion


I need you to write and research the first part of the paper ( written in bold ), if you could save half a page for a short conclusion and another page for the sources or annex. I am open to suggestions if you think the parts need to be modified or if something else needs to be added. 

Thank you very much


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