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FIRST: Read the article in module #4 titled: “Cultural Values of Latino Patients and Families”. Read the case scenario and address requirements.


FIRST: Read the article in module #4 titled: “Cultural Values of Latino Patients and Families”.Read the case scenario and address requirements. This week you are a social work supervisor and you have been given the case scenario below. After reading the case you realize that a meeting with the school social worker is necessary, and there are things that need to be addressed regarding this case and what went wrong. Think about how the school social worker misinterpreted several things within the case. 1 – 3You are to find 3 topics from this case scenario to address.Provide at least one quote from the article that addresses each topic. (3 quotes that correlate with your 3 topics)Responses are to be in paragraph format. This is not an APA assignment.(3 points) 4. (Refer to the NASW Code of Ethics in Module #3 when addressing question #4 in this assignment.)a). Do you plan to tell the school social worker that this family are former clients? Why or why not? (*Worked with this family in week 3 case.) (1-point) b). Select at least two codes from the NASW Code of Ethics to support your response to “a”. Provide the code number, code definition and how the code supports your response. (2-points) Case: School Social WorkerA school social worker seemed to be very concerned about a student’s change in behavior. The student, Emily Garcia, is 14 years old and was referred for allegedly peddling drugs on school grounds. The school social worker thought that the parents “did not care for their daughter”, “were uncooperative” and were “attempting to avoid responsibility” in dealing with Emily’s past behaviors and current situation. The school social worker was ready to contact DHR and request that they become involved with this negligent situation. When the social worker was asked how she arrived at these conclusions, she responded with the following: “Emily is the second oldest of five children. Their ages are 16, 14, 11, 9 and 7. The father is an immigrant from Mexico and the mother a natural citizen. The family resides in a blue-collar neighborhood in McAllen, Texas. Emily has been reported as having recent problems in school prior to the drug-selling incident. For example, she had “talked back to teachers”, “refused to do homework assignments”, and had “fought with older students”. Her recent involvement with a group of historically disruptive students at school has also contributed to her adverse behavior. Emily was well known to the school social worker due to instructors reporting concern about her grades and recent attitude change. Because of the seriousness of the drug accusation, the social worker felt that something had to be done and that the parents needed to be informed immediately.The school social worker reported calling the parents to set up an interview with them. When Mrs. Garcia answered the telephone, the social worker explained how Emily had been caught on school grounds selling marijuana by a police officer. Rather than arrest her, the officer turned the student over to the Principle, who luckily had been present at the time of the incident. After the explanation, the school social worker asked that the parents make arrangements for an appointment as soon as possible. The meeting would be aimed at informing the parents about Emily’s difficulties in school and coming to some decisions about what could be done.During the phone conservation, Mrs. Garcia seemed hesitant about choosing a time to come in and when pressed by the social worker, she excused herself from the telephone. The social worker reported hearing some whispering on the other end, and then the voice of Mr. Garcia. He immediately asked the social worker how his daughter was and expressed his concern over the entire conversation. At that point, the social worker stated that she understood his feelings, but it would be best to set an appointment time for tomorrow and talk about it then. Several times the social worker asked Mr. Garcia about a convenient time for the meeting, but each time he seemed to avoid the answer and to give excuses. He stated that he “had to work the rest of the day and could not make the appointment”. The social worker stressed strongly how important the meeting was for the daughter’s welfare and that the several hours of missed work were not important considering the situation. The father stated that he would be able to make an evening session, but the social worker informed him that school policy prohibited evening meetings. When the social worker suggested that the mother could initially come alone, further hesitations seemed present. Finally, the father agreed to attend.The very next day, Mr. and Mrs. Garcia and Emily arrived at her office 45 minutes late. They made no apologies for the late arrival. The social worker reported being upset by their late arrival and interpreted their tardiness as rude behavior. The social worker reported further annoyance because the grandfather was present and planned to attend the meeting. At that point, the social worker explained to the parents, whom she addressed by first name, that a third party would only make the session more complex and the outcome counterproductive. She explained that she wanted to meet only with Emily and her parents. The social worker’s request was ignored, and the grandfather attended. The social worker reported that the session went poorly and there was minimal cooperation from the parents. Language was reported to be a barrier. The social worker reported that it was very challenging when trying to get the Garcia’s to say anything at all, much less make eye contact with her. They were very hesitant to engage in a conversation about Emily’s past behavior and recent choices, and if anything was said at all it came from the grandfather.” Overview: You, the supervisor, have read this report and have scheduled a meeting with the school social worker. You must format topics for discussion. You are familiar with this family because you were the social worker working with this family when they were trying to retrieve the grandmother’s body.


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