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Forum Post. Professional Certification – unicorp essays


Please note that many professional organizations are very protective of their personal “turf” as far as who can charge the public (and make third party charges to insurance, etc.) for SPHS services with a given state. Please research an area of the country/world where you live or would like to live someday to see which certifications are optimal (and most feasible) for your personal and professional goals within the specific institution (medical center, university, community college, health club, clinic, weight loss facility, etc.) you hope to work. Please also post any previous exams or study guides you find and tell us how you plan to prepare for your upcoming written and/or practical examinations. Please cite at least one professional certification (possibly related to the level of expertise necessary to implement various aspects of your program, etc.) within your capstone final manuscript both within text and reference list using APA style.


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