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From the Background information relating to COVID-19 immunisation, develop a researchable question.


08Feb 2022 by

Question 1a.  From the background information relating to COVID-19 immunisation, develop a researchable question. 
Question 1b: Identify the elements of (words relating to) PICO or PICo for the research question you have formulated (delete irrelevant table)
Question 2a. What type of research methodology do you think should be used to answer the research question that you have formulated?
Question 2b. Justify why this methodology was chosen to answer the question (Approx 150 words, reference as per UniSA Harvard Referencing System)  
Question 3: Name one (1) suitable health academic database for the above formulated research question,  and develop a search plan that will  assist in finding relevant  studies for the research question. You will need to identify a search term and synonym, and explain how you will combine them using Boolean Operators. You may like to include truncations and wildcards to improve your strategy.  
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