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Frontier Theories in Education – unicorp essays


15Jan 2022 by

1)    You must research concepts of the frontier (literal, physical, metaphysical, and symbolic) in TWO scholarly articles. 
2)    Students cannot use any of the materials in the course kit. Materials from course kits in other courses are also not acceptable. The point of this exercise is to find new sources that focus on the students’ particular area of investigation.
3)    Do NOT recycle research done for the annotated research bibliography in your essays. At most, you can use one source from the bibliography but the essays should have other research. 
4)    Annotated bibliographies are not ‘book reports’ or synopses. Your analysis of each book/article should include: its central thesis and primary idea/s about the frontier; your critique of its central argument; your analysis of the ways in which it impacts your perspective on the frontier; comparisons and contrasts of the arguments of all 4 texts to each other; and whatever other points you wish to make. Questions to ask: Is the text clear as to its definitions and arguments/analysis? If so, why so? If not, why not? Also ask yourselves to what extent do you understand the text. It is legitimate to query your own abilities, assumptions and subjectivities in responding to the texts. 
5)    DO NOT paraphrase or repeat the texts. Respond to them through analysis of both their perceptions and yours.

*I have chosen to do this Annotated Bibliography on Frontier Theories in Education. *


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