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global change – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

This assignment will give you an opportunity to evaluate information on global change that is widely available and consumed by the general public. Please find a news article, blog, website, Twitter feed or other non-scholarly, non-academic, non-governmental source that discusses a global change issue. You will also post this assignment to the Week 3 Forum. You might find the  from Flinders University helpful as well as this  from Drew University and . 
Write a 1-2 page MAX objective review of the article or post you choose.
Here are some additional things to consider in addition to those on the Source Evaluation checklist: Are the conclusions based on evidence?  Is the information source biased (bias is not always bad)? Is the information source deliberately or accidentally misleading? What is the likely effect of this information source?  Will it inspire someone to take an action?  Change someone’s mind?  Confirm preconceptions?  Remember that one information source can have different effects on different audiences. Does the material you selected use vague but effective phrases such as “might be” or “could be” the biggest/worst /hottest/wettest ever? Finally, how might this information source and others like it affect your work as a global change scientist? How have similar information sources affected your own thinking about global change?
Use a professional, objective tone in your work. Always credit authors and reference sources for their ideas and information. Follow APA style format in your bibliography. See below for citation resources.

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