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Health Belief Model Theory – unicorp essays


Students will write a 10-page paper (not including title and reference pages) that summarizes a specific theory and its utility in explaining three different behaviors. For this, the theory will be the Health Belief Model. The paper should address issues that are relevant to the development, implementation, or evaluation of actual theory-based health behavior change interventions.
Assignments must be typed, double spaced. 1 margins, 12 pt Times New Roman font. Please proofread before submitting your document. References, both in-text and on the reference page, must be in current (7th ed.) APA style format. Only peer reviewed journal articles should be used as references.
 o Please use subheadings to break up the paper into logical sections.
o You should dedicate 1-2 pages describing the theory you selected, but the bulk of the paper should be how theory is applied to specific health behaviors.
o When describing prior studies, please describe their methods in a concise manner (i.e., include the sample size, how they recruited participants) and provide actual study results rather than just general findings (e.g., In one study on diabetes management, 144 individuals between ages 19 and 37 were recruited through local doctors offices. Researchers determined that 39.9% reported not carrying insulin regularly, as instructed by their physician).
o Please provide a conclusion which summarizes study findings and make clear, tangible evidence-based recommendations about future studies that are needed or describe solutions to the problem you are addressing


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