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Hiring memo – unicorp essays

The hiring memo need to follow the MADE format.
Requirements: Your boss is a very busy person. She has asked you to evaluate candidates for an entry-level job or internship. You, perhaps with the help of HR or a committee, have completed the application process. 
You may choose 1 candidate or two candidates, in the latter case, it is where you choose a #1 and an alternate. In the latter case, it will be important to justify your claim that, although one is best, the other, although not quite as good, would be a very solid choice as well. 
To complete this assignment, analyze the applications submitted and think of the requirements for an internship in your field.  If you’d like you can also look for a typical one online.   You will be able to view them in a discussion that I have posted with this module. Using Diane Booher’s MADE format, make a recommendation to hire one of the candidates based on the following criteria
a)   Think of a position close to the one you were applying to in the last assignment. Feel free to generalize, especially if you are in an arcane field. Choose two candidates that have strong resumes where their strengths and experiences would be a good fit for this job. 
b)     Which candidate would function best in the current environment with the employees who are working now?
c)      Which candidate made the best impression with her written materials and during the interview?
d) In short, which one is the most talented and the best fit for the position?
 Write a memorandum, using the MADE format,  explaining your rationale for choosing the candidates.
Hiring Memo Worksheet Spring 2021-2.doc  Download Hiring Memo Worksheet Spring 2021-2.doc  you used in the Forum is also a guide to the type of information that goes into a “Booherian” memo about hiring somebody. 
In order to explain your hiring rationale, consider yourself an insider with intimate knowledge of the company and its needs. Considering the criteria that would make sense for a company to have for a position like this. Then, using sections and/or bullet points,  discuss why the candidate (s) are best.
Sections are REQUIRED for this assignment 
 My evaluation will consider the following criteria:

Is the information given appropriate to the audience and purpose of the document?
Does the memo follow the conventions current in the business world for this kind of document?
Does the information feature a strong rhetorical strategy? Is the argument well organized and effective? Can the reader have confidence in the candidate you are proposing?
Is the document well-edited and free of major grammar and usage errors?

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