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Homeostasis and Body Organization – unicorp essays


15Jan 2022 by

Part 1: Imagine you have survived a plane crash in a geographical location of your choosing (choose a real location on the globe). Describe two components that the human body would have to maintain in homeostasis (e.g. blood volume, body temperature, blood glucose levels) and explain how the body will be able to achieve balance by utilizing specific effectors, and the resources available for survival in your chosen location. Make sure to give the organ system that each effector belongs to. For example, sweat glands will help with thermoregulation in a hot environment, and sweat glands are found in the dermis of the skin, which belongs to the integumentary system. 
Part 2: Choose one organ of your choosing (e.g. brain, heart, liver) and find at least three different sections (coronal, superior, cross-section, etc.) of the organ on the web. Upload and label the three images of your chosen organ to the post and describe how each image (section) provides different information or perspective about the organ. Make sure to describe what features you can (and/or cannot) see from that particular cut. 


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