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Homicide Investigations – unicorp essays


On one page, create a table to be a job
aid comparing the different types of homicides. Your table should look
something like this:

Classification of Homicides



Criminal (Felonious)



Murder (First, Second, or Third Degree)



Manslaughter (Voluntary or Involuntary)



Noncriminal (Non-Felonious)



Excusable Homicide



Justifiable Homicide



Part 2: Case Analysis

In the second part of your training, you
will analyze a closed homicide case in your community or as close to
your community as possible. You should have selected a case from Nexis
Uni in the Assignment Preparation activity last week. If you have not
completed that activity, go back and complete it before continuing with
this assignment.

In 3–4 pages, summarize the investigation into your selected case. Your analysis should:

Describe the circumstances surrounding the case.
Summarize the key factors that may have been used to classify the type of death and the finding.

Analyze the ways that various environmental factors may have
influenced the medical examination and autopsy in this investigation.

Identify the forensic methods that were reported in the investigation and their findings.

This may include methods like DNA, toxicology, hair and fiber
evidence, fingerprints, or any other methods which contributed to the

Recommend one way that the investigators or forensic team could have strengthened their case based on your understanding of it.
Cite three references.

One of your references will be the case record that you found from Nexis Uni.
Other references may be news articles that pertain to the case, and other court cases or rules that are referenced in the case.

Clarity, writing mechanics, and formatting requirements.


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