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How does the 1942 soundtrack contribute to the meaning or experience of The Gold Rush? – unicorp essays


Option #4: How does the 1942 soundtrack contribute to the meaning or experience of The Gold Rush? Be sure to use specific examples, such as particular scenes or moments. Because I have not provided access to the original silent film, do not worry about comparing the 1925 and 1942 versions. Rather, focus on how the sound functions in relation to the images in the 1942 re-release.Things to keep in mind:• Clearly identify which option you have chosen. (Granted, if the grader cannot instantly tell which question you are answering, your post might have some serious issues, but this step can make things easier for your TA.)• Your post should have a clear argument. With a post of this length, you will probably want to organize your thoughts in 2-3 paragraphs.• The anti-plagiarism software Turnitin is integrated into CCLE’s discussion forums, so be sure to cite sources. (Full bibliographic information is not necessary for course readings, so long as you include the author’s name and, if applicable, a page number.)• 500 words is an absolute maximum, in consideration of teaching assistants’ workloads. Both you and your TA will be able to see the word count.Students with knowledge of film form (e.g. mise en scene, cinematography, editing, sound) are encouraged to use relevant terms, but this is not required.18 to 20 = “A” range:Posts in this range thoroughly answer the question, provide specific examples as evidence, and convey a clear perspective. The argument put forth is original in terms of its unique understanding of course material and/or its novel use of different examples to expand upon ideas in lectures, sections, or readings. If applicable, the student properly cites readings using page numbers and outside sources. (In-text parenthetical citations are sufficient for course materials, but further bibliographic information is required for outside references.)


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