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How does the lens from which you view the world shape your approach to research inquiry?


How does the lens from which you view theworld shape your approach to research inquiry? Why is it important as ascholar-practitioner engaged in research to acknowledge your worldview?The Learning Resources in this first week will help you answerthese questions, and they will provide you with a foundation in the philosophyof science that will help you appreciate various research designs and methods.With this foundation, you will be encouraged to reflect on how your assumptionsabout the acquisition of truth and the nature of the world influence yourapproach to the research process.Forthis Discussion, you will identify an area of interest for a possible researchtopic. As you read about the different philosophical orientations in thisweek’s readings, consider if one of these orientations most closely aligns withyour worldview and a particular approach to research.Withthese thoughts in mind:By Day 4Post a brief descriptionof your topic of research interest. Next, state the philosophical orientationthat reflects your worldview and explain the epistemological and ontologicalassumptions of this orientation. Then, explain how these assumptions lendthemselves to one or more research approaches.Be sure to support yourMain Issue Post and Response Post with reference to the week’s LearningResources and other scholarly evidence in APA Style.Read a selection of yourclassmates’ postings.By Day 6Respond to a classmate who holds a differentphilosophical orientation than you and share an insight.Note: In this course, you will submit your initialDiscussion post before you are able to view your colleagues’ posts. Click the“Week 1 Discussion” link where you will create a Thread and submit your post.You may choose to write your initial post in a word processing document forcopying and pasting before you click to the next screen.


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