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how schools should be funded and why – unicorp essays


In The 57 Bus, we read about Sasha and Richard’s high school experience. We looked the similarities and differences in those experiences. You had the opportunity to share parts of your high school experience and  the services and/or resources you had access to.  We engaged with texts that addressed sources (historical and current) and funding inequities.
For Essay 2, compose an argument about how schools should be funded and why. Note that the “why” is an opportunity to address why a particular funding model–or combination of models–is a good choice in terms of finances and in terms of school experiences.    
Remember there is no one “right” answer; the goal is to state and support your answer. 
  Use The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater AND at least one of the following texts:

“The costs of inequality: Education’s the one key that rules them all”
“Good School, Rich School; Bad School, Poor School” 

You must also use ONE of the following texts (but you can use more than one):

“The “opportunity gap” in US public education — and how to close it” by Anindya Kundu
“Education Gap: The Root of Inequality” published by Harvard University
“School taxes are hammering people in these N.J. towns. See how yours stacks up” by Stephen Stirling

Draft Parameters:

1000 words (at least 4 full pages)
Include a thesis (also called an argument or a claim)
Use at least two pieces of textual evidence (a direct quote) from each text you choose:

2 from Slater
2 from Semuels OR Ireland
2 from Kundu OR Harvard University OR Stirling

All evidence must be cited in the body of the essay AND in a Works Cited (Even if you are unsure of format, try and refer to the resources provided.)


It can be helpful to rephrase the prompt as a question; your answer will be your thesis.
YOU CANNOT EDIT WHAT YOU DID NOT WRITE, so write something — even if it’s “not good” or if you don’t like it. We can work with a draft. 
Use the M.E.A.L. outline method before you right to plan, after you write to double-check yourself, or both
Attach your work as a PDF or Word doc/docx file so that I can leave comments in the margins. See Class Conversation for short tutorial on PDFs if you are having trouble converting files to PDFs


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