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how “Vision and Mission statement” influence the organization’s decision and other 3 – unicorp essays


Examine with suitable examples, how “Vision and Mission statement” influence the organization’s decision making process? Also provide vision and mission statement of any two Saudi companies. (1.5 Marks) Q2. The following data has been taken from the records of ABC Company for the year 2015: (1 Marks) Month Units Produced Total Cost (SAR) January 3,500 35,500 February 3,750 35,750 March 4,000 36,000 April 4,250 36,250 May 4,500 38,000 June 4,750 43,000 July 2,750 32,000 August 3,250 32,500
Using the high-low method of analysis, find out variable cost, fixed cost and determine a cost function.
Q3. MNM Corporation provides you the following accounting information related with a particular product: (1.5 Marks) Particulars Amount (SAR) Selling price per unit 500 Variable cost per unit 200 Total fixed cost 240,000
Use cost volume profit analysis to answer the following questions: Determine the break-even point in units? Determine the break-even point in sales value SAR? What will be the pretax profit if company sells 1,200 units of the product?
How many units the company will be required to sell to reach a target pretax profit of SAR 150,000?
Q4. X Ltd. makes metal products and sells a metal product for SAR 150 per units. The company’s variable cost is SAR 35 per units and total fixed cost are SAR 51,750. The company’s estimated next year budgeted sales are 1,500 units. You are required to calculate: (1 Marks) Degree of operating leverage Margin of safety in units
Margin of safety in SAR value


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