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Human Resource Management Group Assignment: New HR Goals for HEB


This is NOT a full SWOT Analysis. I am in a team with 5 other people and we have all been assigned a specific part to do. The part I have been assigned is NEW HR GOALS and the company the analysis is on is HEB. You also MUST provide CITATIONS in MLA format.
A couple paragraphs about the NEW HR GOALS for HEB and a list of all citations used for reference in MLA format is pretty much all that is needed. I will provide the instructions for the assignment as well as the google doc of my team’s SWOT Analysis. You will need my team’s SWOT Analysis to develop the NEW HR GOALS.
Here below is the instructions: Please read, I will underline the important parts for my assigned part
With your team, choose a company and conduct an HR SWOT analysis on that organization.Based on the SWOT analysis you have conducted, develop new HR goals for the organization. Link them to the organization’s goals.
Your deliverable will be a word document, single-spaced, between 1.5 to 2 pages (excluding title and reference pages) that includes:Background information about the organization you selected for your analysis.SWOT analysis.List of the new goals and the explanation of how they support the organization’s goals.Important:Please, remember that the SWOT analysis and goals are specifically for HR, not for the entire organization.You will be writing strategic goals, not tactical goals. Strategic goals are very high level, not specific.For example: If the organization is planning to expand internationally, a strategic goal for HR would be: Recruit, develop, and retain high-quality, diverse staff in the Latin American/European/Asian market.If your organization wants to continue working remotely (like Twitter, Facebook or Paypal) after things go back to “normal”, the HR goal would be: Design and implement a company-wide flexible-work policy.


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