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Human Resources


1. Betty and Bob have worked at Carl’s Construction Company for about ten years.     The two are part of a team that is often assigned to various new building projects.    Bob is gay, and Betty is married.   The two have become close friends. Over the decade of working together, both Betty and Bob have subjected to catcalls and rude remarks about their friendship and their individual sexuality.  During the ten year period, the offensive remarks have generally decreased in number and intensity.    Also, during the ten years, both have steadfastly defended each other as well as their friendship. Just this year, Boris was hired as the team leader of Bob’s and Betty’s work group. During his first week of work, Boris called Betty and Bob into his office and said this: “I don’t like having a fag and a broad in my work unit.  Just so  you know where you stand with me now get out.” For Bob and Betty, after ten years of continuing harassment, Boris’ remarks were simply too much to accept, and they filed a complaint alleging a “hostile work environment.”  What are their chances of prevailing. 2. Federal and state laws have made age discrimination in hiring or firing illegal.  Yet, many states have mandatory retirement ages for certain professions.   For example, Michigan Judges (Links to an external site.) of all levels cannot run for election after passing the age of 70.  Meanwhile, on the United States Supreme Court, there are three Justices older than 70, Justice Ginsburg just passing away at 87.   Under what circumstances, if any, should mandatory retirement ages be permissible? 3. Agnes is a twenty-two year old young woman with a solid work history and is a high school and junior college graduate.   She has applied for a job with a Accounting Professionals for an open position as a receptionist.  Agnes is well qualified in all respects for the job and interviews very well until the end of the interview. At end of the interview, she suddenly blurts out “Hells Bells” to the interviewing panel and quickly explains she is a victim of Tourette’s Syndrome, a medical condition that can lead to her blurting out words she does not intend.   Agnes also explains that, in her previous jobs, reasonable accommodations have always been made. The chair of the committee indicates that, given the nature of a receptionist job, no reasonable accommodation is possible.  Is the “chair” correct? 4. What are some reasons why on-the-job training (OJT) can prove ineffective? What can be done to ensure its effectiveness?

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