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human security and gender based violence


an amendment and additional data asfollowing
– At the beginning of the thesis, weshould specify what we want and explain where we will reach as a result.
  For example; What questions will be asked in the thesis and what will beachieved as a result of the questions.
– Why thesis was narrowed down to GenderBase violens. It should be explained clearly and precisely
– In the final texts of the review, clearstatements should be used about which country the review was made for theGender base violence.
– scattered sentence entries and exitsshould be collected and unnecessary sentences should be removed.
– The thesis must be functional andanalytical
– Conceptual clarity should occur.
– The thesis should eventually be linkedto the subject of Human Security.
– What are the main research questions?What will you reach as a result of these questions and how will the answerscontribute to the thesis?
– Which sub-headings will be in thequestions prepared while examining the Gender Base in Human security?
  For example; Such as material, spiritual, social life, women’s rights,religious life, pressures on women.
– The main issue is Human security, butstrong explanations should be made about why it was narrowed to Gender Base. Sowhy do we base human security on women’s security? Human security de Why iswomen the most important foundation?
  For example; women’s health, living conditions, life security, lifesecurity,
 -What will you measure and analyze before the Recomandation?
– Why do immigrants prefer Turkey andJordan?
– How are the Gender conditions in Syria Turkey Jordan? What are the differences in these three countries?
– The refugee policy of Jordan and Turkeyshould be examined and the differences between them and the reasons for thesedifferences and their origins should be explained.
  For example; Differences such as customs, traditions, culture or societyshould be addressed.
– Syrian women in both Turkey and Jordanare subject to more pressure than local women, or what are the advantages, andalso on what issues they are exposed to different pressures.


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