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I can give access to the textbook if needed. Original topic selection paper attached.Guidelines:


I can give access to the textbook if needed. Original topic selection paper attached.

Guidelines: Social Media Marketing Critique report and video presentation (25% of final grade)
Working individually, students must research and analyze a company or brand’s use of social media.
In 5-7 double-spaced pages (12-point times new roman font, 1-inch margins including references), students will craft a polished report along with a video that demonstrates their ability to understand a business’ use of social media for the following purposes:
Raise awareness
Influence desire
Encourage trial
Facilitate purchases
Create loyalty
Select one of the following companies or brands (you may choose one not on the list for my approval):  Jet Blue, Samuel Adams, Sephora, Tiffany’s (LVMH), Target, Carl’s Junior, McDonald’s, Prada, American  Express, Absolut, Dove, Jell-O, Southwest Airlines, Chipotle, Whole Foods,  Audi, The NFL, Lakers, Dodgers, Fiat, Domino’s Pizza, Urban Outfitters, Red  Bull, Jawbone, Disney, Coca-Cola, Skittles, Converse, LegalZoom, Burberry, MAC  Cosmetics, Dunkin Donuts, Ikea, Chobani, Starbucks, Barnes


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